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Arsen 6N – 99,9999 %
H.C. Starck – AMPERIT® Thermal Spray Powders
H.C. Starck – Advanced Ceramic Powders
Si Compounds & Si Building Blocks
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Gute Chemie connects.

Gute Chemie connects. abcr has been H.C. Starcks acknowledged distribution partner for ceramic powders for more than 15 years. This successful distribution partnership has been extended by AMPERIT® product portfolio.

H.C. Starck products of both categories: Advanced Ceramic Powders & AMPERIT ® Thermal Spray Powders can be found in the web shop ...

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Poly(alkylthiophenes) are known as electrically conductive polymers („synthetic metals“). Potential applications: Solar cells, photo- chemical resists, electroluminescent devices, non-linear optical devices, batteries, diodes, chemical sensors.

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Si compounds & Si building blocks

Your path to Si compounds & Si building blocks: Gute Chemie – abcr Si catalogue with 3,500 organic and inorganic Si compounds, more than 1,000 Si building blocks and worldwide unique innovations for research & industry of the highest quality and purity.


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One focus of abcr is high purity metals for the electronics and semiconductor industry. abcr has the highest purity available in the world for a variety of metals. abcr and Osaka Asahi work together to support our customers and provide expert knowledge.

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Arsen 6N – 99,9999 %

Arsen 6N – 99,9999 %
1 kg-units in glas ampoule under Argon
broken pieces 5-20 mm average size
AB 107172 – from stock – 599,- € per kg/unit


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