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      Gute Chemie at Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, Ohio


      Gute Chemie at Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, Ohio

      Ceramics Expo provides an unrivaled opportunity to see first-hand and up close the innovations in materials, processes and products that are driving today’s ceramic manufacturing industry.

      The Conference

      The staging of Conference @ Ceramics Expo, with its twin-track set of presentations from experts on all the top topics currently under consideration, provides added value to the visitor experience.

      As a comprehensive manufacturing supply chain event, the range of products and services showcased at Ceramics Expo include:

      • Ceramic Manufacturers (including Technical Ceramics)
      • Engineering / Design Services
      • Raw Materials
      • Materials Preparation, Handling & Packaging
      • Heat Treatment - Drying, Firing, Melting
      • Fabricating & Finishing
      • Decorating / Glazing
      • Plant Construction - Design & Engineering
      • Laboratory Equipment
      • Testing & Certification Services
      • Tools / Spare Parts
      • Research

      Ceramics Expo