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    H.C.Starck Sales Offices

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      H.C. Starck Products & abcr Small Quantities Supply

      abcr has proven itself for more than 15 years in the exclusive Small Quantity Supply of H.C. Starck Products. We provide individual units for research & development as well as test and production processes worldwide.

      Our services have convinced over 8,000 customers worldwide for 30 years. Our logistics centre in Karlsruhe processes more than 30,000 consignments and a total volume of several hundred tonnes of all categories of hazardous materials annually. The majority of the H.C. Starck products are available directly from the abcr warehouse in Karlsruhe, thus ensuring a delivery time of 1–2 days.

      All H.C. Starck products can be found in the web shop via the product search function. Read more about the H.C. Starck Advanced Ceramic Powders.

      Advanced Ceramic Powders

      High performance Technical Ceramic materials

      The term Technical Ceramics (also advanced or engineering ceramics) denotes inorganic, ceramic materials with an inimitably combination of physical and thermal qualities. They are constituted to replace materials that seam to reach their limits. Technical Ceramics opens new avenues for mechanical engineering, foundry, automobile ...

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      Advanced Ceramic Powders