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    Specialty chemicals from in-house production

    With abcr labs, you can rely on the quality of our own specialty chemicals, which are produced in Europe for the international market. On 6,000 square metres of production area, an international team of experienced chemists provides know-how in the research and development of syntheses, production development and scale-up, all the way to full production maturity in high volume.

    Laboratories and facilities with reaction vessels in various sizes are available for manufacturing from kilos to tonnes. You can depend on the state-of-the-art equipment: For example, our automated reactors are equipped with Pfaudler PharmaGlass®.

    • R&D lab: for custom syntheses as well as for the research and development of synthetic routes and chemical processes – from scale-up all the way to commercialisation.
    • Kilo lab: manual production of small quantities and for new syntheses between 5 and 15 kg.
    • Pilot plant: two plants each with two reactor pairs with capacities of 160 to 400 litres, one plant with thin-film evaporator, as well as three plants for special projects and the future expansion of your production.
    • Commercial plant: designed for full-scale production, two automated reactors. The plant has an infrastructure for six more reactors from 2,500 to 8,000 litres.

    Chemical process equipment

    Make use of abcr labs as a production platform for:

    • Condensation, Ammonolysis, Alkyllithium reaction, Grignard formation & reaction, Alkoxylation, Catalytic hydrogenation, Amination, Esterification, Transesterification, Halogenation, Hydrolysis, Hydrosilylation, LAH reduction, Lithiation reaction, Ring opening Polymerisation, Silylation


    Make use of the syntheses from abcr labs for:

    • Silylation and protecting groups, Adhesive agents, Deoxidisers, Derivatisation, Reacting agents for organic syntheses, Reacting agents for bioactive reactions, Blocking agents, Surface modifications, Antireflective and conductive coatings, Catalysis, Polymer syntheses

    Are you interested in the services of abcr labs Europe? Please contact us.